Welcome to Our Sensory World.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a playful immersion environment where children will discover the joy of learning new skills. We are committed to providing the opportunity to build confidence, express individuality, and participate in intellectually stimulating and physically challenging therapy treatments. Our therapists will work with your child through goal-driven activities to develop the necessary functional skills and reach their DEVELOPMENTAL MILESTONES.

Our Goal

We strive to provide the best therapy services by embracing your child’s talents as well as maximizing their skills.

At little friends’ sensory gym, our goals are:

  • Goal 1

    Providing the best quality therapy services

  • Goal 2

    Using the right assessments and tools to identify the child’s needs

  • Goal 3

    Tailoring personalized and fun yet challenging activities to promote child’s intrinsic motivation

  • Goal 4

    Teaching your child the necessary skills for them to be a success in school settings

  • Goal 5

    Collaborating with parents in the treatment process to optimize child’s success.

  • Goal 6

    Serving as a local community center for parents, doctors, and support groups to share information and resources


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