What is Sensory Integration

Hello parents!

Today we are discussing about what is sensory integration and the benefit of sensory integrations.

Sensory integration is using a customized environment or gym to improve a child underlying central nervous system for learning, coordination, and behavioral organizations. The customized gym is usually fun, safe, and functional for children to participate in physical activities. The gym has many toys and equipment, for example, ball pit, rock climbing walls, platform swings, and yoga balls. With the correct usage of the equipment, the therapist will construct obstacle course, fine and gross motor exercises with clear instructions for the child. The therapist would also develop and implement long and short term goals that are customized to the child needs.


The benefit of Sensory Integration

  1. It is an approach that improve children’s motor, sensory processing, and academic skills.
    • Effectively improve the child physical abilities
    • Ability to participate in organized activities
    • Increase the child sense of self-worth
  2. Sensory integration improves the quality of family life
  3. Children learn social skills through play


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