Developmental Milestones: 2 Months to 5 Years Old

Hello parents!

Recently, I got tons of questions from parents and caregivers on the topic of developmental milestones. They want to know which are the primary areas to look at to determine if their child reach their milestones.


What is a developmental milestone and why should you care?

Developmental milestones are used by health professional to measure a child’s growth in four primary areas. The areas are: language and communication, cognitive skills (learning, thinking, and problem-solving), social and emotional skills, and movement and physical development. These milestones are broken into multiple age ranges and expects use this to determine if a child is meeting the markers in each area.

As parents, you know your child the best. Therefore, we encourage you to be familiar and utilize the milestone tools to determine if your child reaches his/her milestones.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Information on Developmental Milestones

I researched and came across a usefully tool from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. They developed a parent friendly Developmental Milestones website along with photos and short videos.

Click the links below to view their website on Developmental Milestones.


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