5 Toolkits and Tips for Parents

From The American Occupational Therapy Association, Inc

Hello parents!

Today I am sharing parenting tips and toolkits from the American Occupational Therapy Association Inc. This is a national professional association for therapists, scholars, and researchers to promote and support the educations, researches, and practices of Occupational Therapy.

They developed 5 categories of parenting tips and toolkits for families and caregivers to learn, understand, and practice different strategies that can be use in home, school, and community environments.   The tools are designed to promote co-occupations between the caregivers and child to establish routines for children and live with children with special needs with ease.


Click the links below to view these helpful tips.


Tip for All Children

Childhood Occupations Toolkits

Tips About Autism

Tips for Children in School

Tips for Play


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